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Welcome to Ledessin Contemporain plumbing company. Our professional team is ready to fix all piping and leakage problems in your homes and offices. We are a team of 25 plumbing professionals with an engineer, designers, plumbers, electricians, and technical assistants.

Our Elite Services!

Residential Services

We do piping, plumbing, fixing, repiping, and unclogging services for residential places. We also do a home renovation on request.

Commercial Services

Our engineers and design team can help you change your office look and appearance with safe and quality plumbing services.

Backflow Services

Our experienced team does inspections, testing, repairs, retrofit, and new installations within your budget and completes them on time.

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    Benefits of Expert Consultation

    Let's see how do get benefits by consulting with our experts and how they help you with plumbing issues.
    You can ask and get maintenance ideas from experts for door repairs, carpentry, damage Repairs, fences, roofing, weatherproofing, and everything from the roof to the basement.
    Our expert explains and clears your doubts about installing faucets, toiletries, valves, and many more so you can complete the job without any future concerns of leakages.
    The piping and plumbing professionals help in purchase and guide you to choose the right plumbing materials for your homes and businesses that ensure safety and security.

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